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Performance Features

Heating Technology
» Field Replaceable, non-ferrous, lead-free cartridge-style direct heating element

Safety and Reliability
» Thermo-Optical sensor for protection against entrained air or improper commissioning
» New element design

Materials and Construction
»NSF-61 listed materials of construction

Control and Consumption
» Active energy management to ensure optimal application of energy based on real-time system demands
» Multistage element turn-on
» Visual user interface for field programming

Turn-on Flow Rate
»Integrated high-capacity Flow Meter
»Field adjustable turn-on flow rate

Pressure Rating
» 150 PSI pressure rating

Available Enclosures
» N4 – NEMA 4 (Standard)
» N4X – NEMA 4X 304SS
» N4X6 – NEMA 4X 316SS

Optional Features

» Indoor disconnect switch
» Stand Kits (for freestanding applications)
» Beacon
» Siren
» Alarm contacts
» Leak Detection
» Additional Options available per customer request


36-48kw 480v: Size: 17.2”H x 17.7”W x 10.5”D Weight: 42 lbs.

32-64kw 208v: Size: 17.4”H x 26.2”W x 10.3”D Weight: 68 lbs.

54-144kw 480v: Size: 17.4”H x 26.2”W x 10.3”D Weight: 68 lbs

61-150kw 600v: Size: 17.4”H x 26.2”W x 10.3”D Weight: 68 lbs.

Rated Pressure: 150psi

Certifications: UL 499 and NSF/ANSI 372

ETL Listed: CSA 22.2 No 88 – Models: AP144480, AP061600, AP071600, AP102600, AP130600, AP150600; may be followed by S, EFD, N4, N4X, 6

Unique Features: Optic Heat Sensing Safety, Parabolic Heat Design

Standard Temp Setting: 120°F (Adjustable 80-140°F)

Temp Accuracy: +/– 1° at Steady State Flow

Max Flow Rate: Approx 40gpm

Turn-On: SKU Specific (see model specifications)


Electrical Configuration and Requirements


All Eemax three phase units are custom made to order and as such, are non-returnable and non-refundable. We urge you to check your electrical supply, making sure all criteria for operating your Eemax water heater are met.

EEMAX 600v, 480v and 208v Three Phase Units Delta Configuration

Requires: 3 Lives and 1 Ground (earth)

Three Phase Delta Three-wire


Waste water treatment plants

Commercial kitchens

Fitness centers

Gang showers

Wash downs

Mop  sinks

Hose bibs

3 Compartment sinks

Dishwasher or sanitation boosters

Manufacturing processes

Radiant floor heating

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AP032208EE, S208vThree3289A/phase3 AWG1.0*
AP041208EFD208vThree41112A/phase2 AWG1.0*
AP054208EFD208vThree54150A/phase2/0 AWG1.5*
AP064208EFD, S208vThree64178A/phase3/0 AWG2.5
AP036480EE480vThree3643A/phase8 AWG1.0*
AP048480EFD480vThree4857.6A/phase6 AWG1.0*
AP054480EE480vThree5465A/phase6 AWG1.5*
AP072480EE480vThree7287A/phase3 AWG2.5
AP108480EE480vThree108130A/phase1 AWG2.5
AP126480EE480vThree126151A/phase2/0 AWG2.5
AP061600EFD600vThree6159A/phase6 AWG2.5
AP071600EFD600vThree7168A/phase4 AWG2.5
AP102600EFD600vThree10298A/phase1 AWG2.5
AP130600EFD600vThree130125A/phase1 AWG2.5
AP150600EFD600vThree150144A/phase2/0 AWG2.5

S Sanitation. Shipped at 180°F with temp range of 100°-190°F max.     EE Emergency Eyewash. Shipped and with max temp of 90°F. Must get software update to change temp. Shipped with display “Locked.”    EFD Emergency Eye, Face & Drench. Shipped with max temp of 90°F. Must get software update to change temp. Turn-on = 2.5 gpm. Shipped with display “Locked.”    N4X Includes NEMA 4X cabinet. Can only have an N, or N4X but not both.      FP Freeze Protection. Up to -30°F. N4 Includes NEMA 4 cabinet. Can only have an N, or N4X but not both.

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